Sunday, May 31, 2009


The current half of the third year in my Bachelor of Animation curriculum consists of a group assignment for an external organization. I'm not sure exactly how vivid I can kick it, so I won't give you the skinny. In fact: I'll only give you — my sweet, beloved and dear hopefully loyal reader to be — some eyecandy.
Conchita (check out her blog Knien!) and I worked on the textures, Jasper (blogless to my knowledge) got his CG on and I drew the bricks that make up the round square. Apart from that I digitally hand-drew the metamorphosis-mask. Then I gave this scene back to CG Jasper, who is finishing the compositing, adding animated objects to make the whole thing more convincing.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's me! Is it not?

At long last the time has come for me to participate in the circus of shameless self-promotion that we like to call blogging.
So what can you — hopefully loyal reader to be — expect on this ever so small corner of the internet?

Process and Progress. The first being a logical result of me blogging, the latter being more an aspiration of some sorts.
An ambiguously semi-official portfolio, if you will.
So no overtly pretentious and wordy blogs that mystify the core of the world I struggle to vividly portray as if they were thick layers of impenetrable crust. No deviations of the route carefully mapped out, my quest to the future, a journey on which I will take you — dear hopefully loyal reader to be — in a straight-and-vertical-yet-dynamic , majestic, graphic line!
In search of the new me, my future me, my better me, my me'er me, I now ask you — my beloved and dear hopefully loyal reader to be — to join me on this very pilgrimage! It might be a rough ride, it might not always be pretty, but at least we can take comfort in the fact that we're not on our own.

'Cause that would be silly.

Images coming soon. Really. I promise.