Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Chase.

For a school assignment I was free to pursue any goal
and make whatever I felt important to add to my portfolio.
As long as it was animation.

So I thought of an animation with a character being chased
by the camera and thus the viewer.

The first fourteen-or-so seconds are okay I guess,
but after that I just wanted to finish it,
or rather my teacher wanted it finished.
I rushed and it's obvious I did.

I'm sorry dear hopefuls, I'm sorry to disappoint.
I know how you feel, I really do:
clicking your way through all these 0's & 1's...
And for what? For this shitstain-wallpaper?
Is this for real? Is it all just one big joke?

No, I know what it is:
It's just a miserable waste of potential,
a shattered dream, a big, bad, bullshit bag of
nothing but nothingness itself.

But what did you expect?
I'm a mere spoof in a half-recycled world
that is both creator and consumer of nothing.
Of course I'm joking, but I'm not.
There's quite some superficial obviousness in there,
but some more or less interesting ideas as well.
We could actually talk about it sometime,
over a glass of wine and on a night of long lasting.

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