Monday, October 19, 2009

This title unimaginatively refers to both recent life and old work.


I should be terribly sorry,
yet somehow I'm not.
The sweetest girl in the world is in Tanzania right now,
so I've been keeping myself busy lately as to not be reminded.
“Reminded of what?” you might ask —and rightfully so—
and on this very topic —an emotionally strong one at that—
I will enlighten you this awfully late blog.

Today's topic is loneliness. Yes.
Cooking for myself is a far cry from cooking for her
and our bed has morphed into a boring place.
Now, I'm not sure about the morphing part,
nonetheless: it's become a boring place.
As has our home.

Luckily work provides some distraction,
of which I got plenty, yet is as you might imagine:
Just. Not. The same.

It's fun as well, the work.
But I cannot provide you with any recent developments.
At least, not yet.
But of course I've got this big, big pile of animations
from which I'd be delighted to pick you some goodies.

Now only to make this theme work...
So I mentioned
loneliness, animation has this romantic
image of the animator working day and night
(emphasis on the 'night'-part) on films in the attic.
But this one I made together with a classmate,
Marlyn Spaaij, who has no website whatsoever.
But we made this for a Dutch tv-show
touching the subject of melanism,
animating to a pre-existing soundtrack.

My contributions list as follows:

• Paper texture
• Bambi's birth (not the mother though)
• The jaguar (including texture - animated to follow it's stretch)
• The 2D animated 3D'ish building
• The butterfly
• The sound design

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